Most Tourist Attractions Nice and Interesting In The Country of Indonesia

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Most Tourist Attractions Nice and Interesting In The Country  of  Indonesia
Biutyfull Sea of Indonesia
Firs I wanna say I'm really so sorry my English it's not good, and thanks for google Translator for contribution to change my language ( www.translate.google.com ). Welcome to the blog lovers of natural science, well as the nature lover what do you like about this natural? hm, . certainly there is a desire to keep it. Keeping nature in order to remain sustainable is the responsibility of us all. Beautiful nature has a very satisfying thing for devotees heart. Indonesia is a very beautiful country, beautiful in tourism and cultural diversity. clear beauty is a combination of several different. The difference it makes us more united hehehe

A. Most Beach Tourism
1. Raja Ampat - West Papua
Raja Ampat is a series of four adjacent islands located in the western part of the bird's head (Vogelkoop) Papua island. Administratively, this cluster is under Raja Ampat, West Papua Province. Raja Ampat is an area with tropical natural resources of the richest in the world, and is one of the world's best marine locations. In addition to the incredible natural penorama, Raja Ampat is also famous for its stunning underwater scenery that can be enjoyed with diving (diving). In Raja Ampat are several beach resorts with a view exotic landscapes.
2. Bunaken National Park - North Sulawesi
Bunaken is an area of 8.08 sq km island in the Bay of Manado, which is located in the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The island is a part of the city of Manado, North Sulawesi provincial capital.
Bunaken Island can be reached by fast boat (speed boat) or a rented boat with a long journey of about 30 minutes from the port city of Manado. Around the island of Bunaken Bunaken marine park there which is part of the Bunaken National Park.
Bunaken Marine Park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) with varying depths of up to 1344 meters. From the 20 point dive, 12 of which are in the vicinity of the island of Bunaken. 12 point dive is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery.
3. the Park - South East Sulawesi
Wakatobi National Park is located in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Wakatobi is the capital of Wangi Wangi. Wakatobi is composed of four main islands, namely: Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko. So, Wakatobi is the abbreviation of the name of the four main islands of the
Underwater beauty greatly admired by many tourists, so it is often touted as one of the underwater paradise of the most beautiful in the world. So it was not without reason that the coastal areas in Wakatobi is perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing.
4. Kuta Beach - Bali
Kuta is located in Badung, is approximately 1.5 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached in 5 minutes, and about 20 minutes from Denpasar city pudat. Kuta area is a tourist destination abroad and has been a mainstay attractions of Bali since the early 1970s.
Kuta beach has waves that are favored by surfers (surfers). The beach is often referred to as a beach sunset (sunset beach), is the opposite of Sanur Beach. Kuta is never quiet at night, live music, karaoke and others. Store and there are also many art shops along the street in Kuta didereten, mostly selling trinkets surf and craft items.
5. Gili Nanggu - Lombok
Gili Nanggu located in Lombok strait or exactly on the east coast of the island of Lombok, Gili adjacent to Tangkong. Administratively, including the District of Central Sekotong, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The island is a quiet little island with beautiful nature, white sand and underwater park. Tranquility and beauty that is the one of the reasons many tourists choose Gili Nanggu to be air-honeymoon destination. Adventure beach combing and snorkeling is fun, in addition to the beauty of the island of Gili natural intact coral reefs and the fish are colorful, you are also allowed to feed the fish with bread.
6. Derawan Island - East Kalimantan
Derawan Island is located in Derawan Islands, District Derawan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. In the surrounding waters are a marine park terekenal with his diving tourism (diving) with a depth of about five meters.
In addition to a wide range of marine life such as squid (cuttlefish), lobster, fish pipe (ghostpipe fish), octopus (octopus bluering), seahorse (seahorses), eel ribbon (ribbon eel) and Scorpion fish (scopionfishes), there are also coral known as the "Blue Trigger Wall" because of the 18-meter-long reef is a lot of trigger fish (red-toothed trigger fishes).
Bali Natural
7. Moyo Island - West Nusa Tenggara
Admisnistratif Moyo Island is located in the village of Labuan Aji and Sebotok Village, District Labuhan Badas, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Moyo Island is located in the north of the island of Sumbawa. Also located among other attractions such as Gili Matra (Lombok), Satonda (Milky-Dompu) and Komodo National Park.
Fishing, snorkeling, diving and boating are available in this region. In addition, visitors can also enjoy water tejun Currency Strategies staircase located in the western part pulu Moyo which can be accessed through the village of Labuan Aji. There is also a tour of Goa, the expanse of savanna, traverse the forest, bird watching (bird watching) and hunting with reference to applicable law.
8. Island Ora - Central Maluku
Ora island located in the village of Saleman, North Seram, Central Maluku. Access to the location can be reached by plane to the airport O perintas Ceram. After the crossing by using the fast boat (speed boat) to the Port Amahay with long travel about 2 hours.
Exotic beaches with beautiful natural scenery, make a lot of tourists say no less when compared with Oahu Lanikai beach in Hawaii or the Maldives Island. Coral reefs and marine animals still looks very natural and is well maintained.
In addition to snorkeling tour, visitors can also cross the river Salawai to see the process of making sago, coconut fruit retrieval, or see various species of birds in the river mouth in the Gulf of Solomon. Or terkking travel across naturally sustainable forests still under Sawai Affairs, headed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet Masihulan, Sawai, where parrots and parrot pengkaran sinister.
No less interesting is the inn in the form of resorts that float on top of the beach and stilts.
9. Beach Sarwana - Banten
The beach is located in the district Sarwana bayah, Lebak, Banten. The beach is about 65 km which is decorated with coral and white sand. Coastal forest area formerly known stealth village has now risen as one of the destinations that are not less interesting to Pelabuhan Ratu who are in one of the region's coastline. Therefore, this beautiful coastal region fused with mythical stories Nyai Roro Kidul
Many charming beach with blue sea that could dinikmatin at this location, among others Tanjung Layar, Coral Bokor (Cipamadangan), and Manuk Island. Besides the beauty of the beaches, tourist unisex Cave, such as Lalay Cave, Cave Sikadir, Cimaul Cave, Cave Singalong, and Sand Hill Tangkil. For lodging facilities, locals juggle their home into a homestay with a relatively low rate of about 120 thousand a night per person including meals.
To get to this location from Jakarta there are two alternatives, namely: Jakarta-Attack-Malingping-bayah-Sarwara, and Jakarta-Balaraja-Maja-Gecko-Malingping-bayah-Sarwana. From the Bandung can through Pelabuhan Ratu, then down the coast to the west.
10. Beach Balekambang - Malang, East Java
Balekambang Beach is located in the village of Srigonco, District Batur, Malang, East Java, approximately 65 km from the southern city of Malang. This beach has a coastline of 2 km and consists of sand-colored light brown and white.

On the beach is a mainstay of Malang city tour is indeed a very beautiful scenery. There are three large rocks off the coast of Balekambang. This rock is called by the local community as an island, the island of Anoman, Wisanggeni Island, and the most famous is the island Ismoyo contained a magnificent temple in the middle, the island is connected by bridge width of 1.5 meters. Sights temple on the rock is not less beautiful with Tanah Lot in Bali.
B. Mount Tourism
1. Gunung Agung
agungObjek mountain Gunung Agung Bali Travel Attractions including Natural Indonesia as a leading climbing and much visited by climbers. You can present a panorama of smoke ...
2. Gunung Batu Raden
Stone Mountain Stone Mountain Tourism Raden radenObjek Banyumas is located in the south foot of Mount Slamet at an altitude of about 640 meters above sea level and the north and is about 14 km from the town of Navan ...
3. Gunung Binaiya
binaiyaUntuk mountain reaches Objects Mountain Nature Binaiya Maluku, Ambon, you can use the bus to the port of Tulehu d From Tulehu, followed across the straits by speed boat to the Port
C. Most Of Famous Cultural Attractions
Indonesian Culture
Here are some of the many festivals that can be enjoyed from the celebration of art, batik, dances and ceremonies. Here you will find ethnic diversity and traditions of various parts of the archipelago.
1. Krakatau Festival
Krakatau Festival is an annual festival held in Lampung. The festival is held to celebrate the volcanic island of the same name, the Krakatoa.
During the festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of performances such as Carnival Tuping (Carnival Mask Lampung), elephant and a variety of dances from Lampung and surrounding cities. The festival is held every mid-month every year between the months of July to October.
2. Bali Arts Festival
One of the biggest annual celebration of arts and culture in Indonesia, Bali Arts Festival is always crowded. For a whole month every month of June, various art shows, exhibitions, and other cultural activities will take place throughout Bali. The festival offers dance, music and the beauty of their culture.
3. Solo Batik Carnival
This event is a combination of ceremonies, fashion shows and carnivals, all using batik as a theme. There will also be a bazaar that offers a wide variety of batik and unique souvenir Solo. Solo Batik Carnival is always held every June each year.
4. Festival Lembah Baliem
Typical annual festival is rooted in the belief Papua local tribes that war is not just a conflict keuasaan and interests, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Since 20 years ago, the local government has emphasized the importance of peace between the warring tribes to prevent revenge prolonged and loss of life. So, Baliem Valley Festival is an event that is held to replace the inter-tribal warfare.
As you may have guessed, the main event was a war between tribes. Imagine more than 20 different tribes with each 30 to 50 people dressed in traditional clothes, carrying spears, bows, arrows and machetes. There are also performances and a host of other attractions, such as traditional games, dances, as well as local cuisine. The festival is held every September.
And now, if you likes, Indonesia or Bali Island come in Indonesia.

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