The Best Song Of Garasi Band

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The Best Song Of Garasi Band

Do you know thats my favorite band from Indonesia ?. I Love Indonesia,,,,,, all my love here. I Thinks this Better than other band hehehe. Relaxs Bro,,,, Jus my Mind ok,,,,, All People have a Choise. Garasi Band is a band formed by the end of 2005. At its inception, the garage consists of three personnel, namely Ayu Ratna (vocals, guitar), fedi nuril (keyboard, guitar) and Aries Budiman (drums). Unlike other bands born in Garage Band was followed by the release of a movie by setting their group. GARASI the movie with the title under the direction of the Supreme Sentausa with producer Mira Lesmana. In addition to acting star Arie supported Dagienkz, Mahendra Desta and Syaharani. Their new album released in
conjunction with the launch of the film GARASI. And marketing aided by musicians Indra, Abdee Slank, and Anang, and produced by Miles Music. 

Full Music Of Garasi

Next , Garasi band re-released the album GARASI II on July 7, 2008. But on this second album, without a movie as his first album. Among the flurry of promo second album, Garasi Band get an offer to donate a song for the film Laskar Pelangi phenomenal. This friendship themed songs in the soundtrack album of the film Laskar Pelangi. In early 2009, Garasi Band officially running without the presence of Ayu Ratna. Ayu who had been in the position of vocal and guitarist officially fired from Garasi Band, because it is more concerned with self-interest rather than his band. During garage has not had a replacement vocalist, while a vocalist Fedi 'impromptu' to show garasi. good show,,,,,,,,

Song Album GARASI II

Come back For the sake of finding a replacement vocalist, garage to make the audition. Auditions closed it recognized them quite tiring. There are about 200 candidates vying wanted to be a vocalist garage. But unique, the best selected and it is not coming from the audition process. Selected vocalist is a 27 year old guy known as Higin. Higin himself is a fan of garasi. He is also the co-musical Aries Budiman from Sukabumi who have vocal style androgyny (masculine and feminine) and expertly create songs. Until now Garasi is the Best.

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