The Grasshopper From Bukit Batu Gundul, Bali Indonesia

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The Grasshopper From Bukit Batu Gundul, Bali Indonesia
Welcome friends lovers of natural science, how are you today? Hope everything will be fine. Now I will discuss about the Grasshopper in Bukit Batu Gundul, Indonesia Bali Buleleng . Grasshopper from Batu Gundul, Very beautiful and charming, but with its beautiful colors this may just be a grasshopper dangerous. though so I did not dare touch it because the color is very different. if the animals with the color shows red then most of these animals are poisonous, if No black arguably the fierce animal, and if there is a yellow black may contain the animal is an animal invaders such as bees, because I have not carefully then of that still could not decide.
I actually found this grasshopper unintentionally fitting holiday to Bali Buleleng bare rock. because the first time I saw amazed by its beauty. Looks beautiful and colorful this appeal. Like grasshoppers generally of similar size to a grasshopper I've ever found, but mostly it's green.
I hope there are researchers to investigate them. whether this grasshopper just behavior adaptation by changing the color or the color does so in order to avoid the enemy. If that is toxic for us to be more vigilant.

How your friends if anyone knows about the grasshopper? .if anyone knows please comment or carefully place it. It is in Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng Bali Indonesia.

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