Rose and Love, Just Motivation

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Rose and Love, Just Motivation
By : Ketut Supeksa
Welcome to my humble blog, I will now discuss about flowers. My interest is  roses. The roses are so beautiful and captivating. Many people use as a symbol of love. That's love, there is beauty and also the pain.

If covered so many of my abilities while lacking. Young people see the rose with symbol in love with the stunning red color. But the rose has its thorn, and therefore in finding love there must be a hindrance. Love obtained is not all goes well, there will always be a bully around. That is the meaning of a rose thorn.
There is a rose without thorns? Yes there if you remove it, removing the thorns it will eliminate a barrier to love. Now the question, how did we remove the barriers? The trick with sincerity and trust. If you are sincere, then you'll love dare to refuse someone other than your spouse. If you trust/ believe, then you will feel calm and not afraid to lose it, because he has been attached to you.
That's all I can talk about the meaning of love in a beautiful rose. I'm not imfortant, but know that high curiosity will be with me whenever and wherever, happy reading. If there was a mistake and I so sorry. Final word, I say thank you for reading. By : Ketut Supeksa

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