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I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d !
Text for 1 to 3
Ryan's hobby is doing sports. He does sport regularly. Every Sunday morning, he goes jogging in the city park. Ryan also plays football every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. He does these activities to keep his body healthy.

1. Ryan's hobby is ....
a. reading
b. swimming
c. hiking
d. doing sport
2. Ryan does jogging in the ....
a. street
b. field
c. city park
d. yard
3. Every Friday afternoon Ryan plays ....
a. basketball
b. volley ball
c. rope skipping
d. football
4. Mira feels pain in her stomach.
She gets a ....
a. stomachache
b. earache
c. eye shore
d. headache
5. Nadin : “It is dark. Could you ... the lamp, please?”
Ninda : “All right.”
a. turn on
b. stop
c. bring
d. turn off

Dialogue for number 6 to 8
Santi : “Is Yogyakarta a regency?”
Handi : “No, it is not. It is a province.”
Santi : “Who leads a province?”
Handi : A governor does.”
Santi : “And who is the governor of Yogyakarta?”
Handi : “The governor is Sri Sultan”.

6. There are ... persons in the dialogue above.
a. five
b. four
c. three
d. two
7. Yogyakarta is a ....
a. village
b. regency
c. municipality
d. province
8. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X is the ... of Yogyakarta.
a. regent
b. governor 
c. mayor
d. village chief
9. Indonesia is a republic.
It is lead by a ....
a. king
b. queen
c. emperror
d. president
10. A village chief leads a ....
a. village
b. district
c. subdistrict
d. municipality
11. Lampung, Jambi and South Sumatra are the names of ... in Sumatra.
a. village
b. district
c. province
d. municipality
12. The capital of East Kalimantan is ....
a. Pontianak
b. Kutai
c. Palangkaraya
d. Samarinda
13. Mrs. Yuli order Bian not to cry. So, she says ....
a. Don’t cry !
b. Be happy !
c. Don’t be angry !
d. Not be angry !
14. You ask for your teacher’s permission to go to the toilet. You say ....
a. Shall I go to the toilet?
b. Should I go to the toilet ?
c. Will I go to the toilet?
d. May I go to the toilet?
15. Keep ... ! My mother is sleeping.
a. moving
b. silent
c. noisy
d. clean

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer !
16. My mother works in the hospital.
She helps the doctor in curing the patients. She is a ....
17. It is a kind of vehicle. It is used to take the patient to the hospital. It is an ....
18. Indonesia is an archipelago. It consists of thousand ....
19. The leader of kingdom is ....
20. The leader of republic is ....

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