Juvenile Delinquency Increasingly Bizarre

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Juvenile Delinquency Increasingly Bizarre

Welcome to the blog IPA lovers, here I will try to discuss about juvenile delinquency is indeed troubling. What is the cause? The modern world, someone will compete to gain knowledge in order not to miss. Examples of countries that have developed only the parents, teens and children to achieve success by developing themselves toward a better direction. So what happens to people who are still developing?
Developed countries :
1. People Orderly
2. Develop self
3. Always learning
4. Timely
5. Motivating others

Developing country :
1. Not Orderly
2. Not Develop yourself
3. Rarely Learning
4. Not the Right Time
5. Not to motivate

It was just a few, there are many others. Let us think and reflect together. Let us discuss about the present Delinquency. What is included juvenile delinquency?
1. Fighting with teenagers
2. Talk Not Polite
3. Degrading Others
4. Violating traffic
5. Racing on public roads
6. Drunkenness
7. Sex Free

Does your country as well? Here, the role of all parties to educate both teachers, community and parents. Teachers will not be able to educate properly without education given by parents. Because education is the first in a family environment. A successful person because educated by their parents.

Education must be supported by all parties. Not only on the science, but it is also equipped with good morals. So balanced between morality and science. Science without morality will die. moral without science would be paralyzed. We wish our youth aware that the importance of doing good.

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