Ketut Supeksa Story (My Real Life Story)

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Ketut Supeksa Story (My Real Life Story)

Welcome friends, here I will tell you a bit about myself. I was born at night Full Moon Around 9pm. My mother was cooking in the kitchen when pregnant. I was born in the kitchen, but because Lamya labor I finally brought to the midwife. I was born in a family that still lack, amid the crush of the cost of living, just three days was taken to another village to work the land.

As a child he said I was sick. Amid the panic mother appealed to god if I recovered will be created jerimpen Muayang. Perhaps because with my friend included a naughty child. Days passed, like a friend to play together as children-many people, even though no one can play your friends, just by themselves.

Think about this when I was six years old made jerimpen muayang. When I grade three primary school and my mother sick Loud. My first two months sick hampr Hospital. Shamans and sent to the doctor. I gradually recovered even without the hospital due to lack of funds. I gradually recovered following an ill mother tougher. Due to the slow handling. The taps can not be treated, so loud was taken Buleleng General hospital. In Hospital, Mom treated some hearts up in operation for Disease Complications. Seeing my mother were taken to the bed there I ran just saw. Most menyakitka I see fit mother put a respirator. Hose is inserted into the nasal cavity imagine the taste is so sick.

Some time in the hospital, the doctor had said there was no hope for survival, my mother finally forcibly deported. Mother died in roadway fitting way back home. Very sad . Mother was buried in the village cemetery Pedawa.

To Be Continued

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