Theory of Great Leadership (New)

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Theory of Great Leadership (New)
Hi all, welcome to this blog ipa lovers, here I will discuss about Theory of Great Leadership. Leadership by Ralph M. Stogdill (Wahjosumidjo 1994: 23) defined as a means of achieving the intended goal in this connection a leader is someone who has a program and that behaves secera together with members of the group by using means or a certain style, so that leadership has a role as a dynamic force that encourages, motivates and coordinates the organization in achieving its intended purpose "Leadership plays a very important in the management of the organization. Leadership humans need for their particular limitations on human beings. From this arises the need to lead and be led. Leadership is defined into individual characteristics, habits, how to influence others, interactions, positions in organizations of and perceptions about the effect of the legitimate.

Here are eight leadership in Hinduism :
1. Indra Brata = means that leaders should follow the properties of Indra as the god of rain giver, a member of the livelihoods of the people.
2. Yama Brata = means that leaders should follow Yama properties that created the law, enforce the law and impose penalties equitably to everyone guilty.
3. Surya Brata = Should the leader of providing information in a fair and equitable to all the people they lead and always do be careful as the sun is very careful in absorbing water.
4. Chandra Brata = Leaders should always be able to portray a calm and radiant so that the people they lead feel confident of the greatness of the soul of a leader.
5. Bayu Brata = Leaders should always be able to know and investigate the actual circumstances and will mainly state-dependent communities suffer the most
6. Kubera Brata = Leaders can and should be judicious use of funds or money and there is always a desire to mensejahtrakan society and not be a spendthrift who akirnya can be detrimental to the State and Society.
7. Baruna Brata = Leaders should be able to eradicate all forms of the disease that develops in the community, such as unemployment, juvenile delinquency, theft and vandals security of the State.
8. Agni Brata = Leaders must have the properties can always motivate the growth properties of knights and zeal in subduing his enemies.

Everyone will want to be a ruler or leader but not everyone can be a leader because the leader is a talent, but instead became a great leader can be learned. Machievelli eg, the pioneer of the theory of power he mengatakanjika countries want stronger then the people must be weak if people strong otherwise the country will be weak. machievelli theory is still used by some countries in the dunia.selain Spink existing emblem statue in front of the Egyptian pyramid illustrates how should a ruler forte. Spink is a human-headed lion statues, which implies that a ruler must be strong as a lion and the intelligence to think like a man who is wise, cunning, and skillfully set the strategy of maintaining power. How does one of you has become a great leader?

For those readers that we continue to be a great leader so respected by subordinates. I hope this article from lovers ipa beneficial for all, sorry if there is something wrong, please correct back

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