Peace and Respect for Differences (Human Right)

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Peace and Respect for Differences (Human Right)
Welcome to this simple blog, I will write a few things in my mind. At present a lot of commotion everywhere. both start at the village, district, city, and state. What needs to be fuss? whether for a crime? Well if there is a crime happening let us together to deal with it. What is happening now is just a very different thing. Commotion occurred only because of different beliefs.
During this time we have different beliefs and that is human rights. If the conviction be disturbed by other people then it would be very disturbing. The imposition of confidence may be more severe consequences. Did you ever see a different state because of religious beliefs or could be wars?

For example, just in a neighboring village there are different religions, the neighbors do not talk. What causes? we are all God's creation, why we are hostile to God's creation. Different religion does not mean do not believe in God. They are also religious people. Only Way to pray to a different god. Be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Confucianism and other religion has its own way of praying or exalt God. All Religions teach goodness. Why do we vilify others, God is only one.
Everyone there is good and bad, people who have their own interests will not be able to learn his religion well. Bad people or bad is not because of his religion, if people have studied religion would definitely be a good person. No matter the religion. All must have good character in order for religion is not misinterpreted. Please note: Religion no one taught Whatever crime. If there was definitely someone who misrepresented, arguably less good understanding of His religion.

Let me give a simple example: flower plants in the garden would have been different, there is no interest in the park is only one kind. If only one type was not going to beautiful views. As well as with religion, religion of differently it would make a wonderful and kindness increasingly varied. God created different religions to measure merit. With the difference in the religion of God that can determine a person's moral level. If people have been able to appreciate other people's religion and it shall be respectful to other people, but if someone does not bia respect the religion of others it can not respect others, respect for others can not synonymous not appreciate God's creation. Did not appreciate the creation of God, the same as not Respect the Lord.
Now how do: Respect differences, because it is a human right. that there are no divisions and warfare. Try to cooperate in working to promote themselves and the crowd. Focus to work and live life to the better.

Well that's all I can write about the erroneous belief. let us do good. (Bahasa Indonesia)

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