All About Material Value

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All About Material Value

At the time that no one can do is if a person has absolutely no material at all. This is what is often felt by people who are in the middle to lower economic level. Someone feels so sick when they have no material. Matter is an inseparable partner of life. So life can be said to live in a material world. If you live in another spiritual world again the story.

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All experience can be the most valuable life lesson. Like the pride of someone who is at stake. Every moment humans experience things that hurt. The sick thing that from the heart seemed to pierce from within the conscience. Circumstances like a knife so pierced. enough until then.

Material problems, Almost all humans in all corners of the world are busy thinking about the material all the time. Now all good affairs many or little can not be separated from the name of the material. Even pee just pay and other examples such as parking vehicles. As if if no material will not be able to live, especially in meeting basic needs. Diamana looking for the material? of course with work. Now that's a big question, All work is making money? Is it appropriate or appropriate between work and income?

A person's income varies depending on the type of work, mostly like that. Not from the weight of his job. Just imagine it like a stone-breaker or a worker is usually a smaller result than an office person. This is what causes a lot of social jealousy. Many among the people who talk to each other. If it happens then there will be chaos.

As many of the problems that occur in society, chaos will grow and not conducive. Is this society to be expected?

Back to the material problem, which is a problem that is so complicated for all circles that can be linked to the problems of society. All these problems can happen anytime. So work as well as possible. Whatever the job, live and work according to clear instructions. Hopefully by working properly all the problems about the material can be overcome well.

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