Brahman can not be destroyed and be forever ( GOD )

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Brahman can not be destroyed and be forever ( GOD )

Hello viewer, please welcome in my blog site, and now i say about God. Who is God ? All people in the world have God in religion. The Personality of God Almighty says: A living being that can not be destroyed and spiritual is called Brahman, and its eternal nature is called adhyātma, or the self. The deeds associated with the development of the bodily bodies of living things are called karma or activities that are meant to be fruitful or rewarded.

Lord Krishna

Explanation :

Brahman can not be destroyed and be forever. Brahman's basic position never changes at all. But outside of Brahman there is Parabrahman. Brahman means a living being, and Parabrahman means the Personality of God Almighty. The basic position of a living being is different from the position it takes in the material world. When the consciousness of a living being is material, by its very nature it tries to be the ruler of nature, but if its consciousness is spiritual, ie conscious of Krishna, its position is a devotion to the Almighty. When the consciousness of a living being is meterial, it must accept various bodies in the material world. It is called karma, or different kinds of creation according to the power of material consciousness.

In Vedic literature, living things are called jivatma and Brahman, but he is never called Parabrahman. A living being (jivatma) takes various positions-sometimes it falls into a dark material universe and likens Himself to nature, and sometimes he likens Himself to the ultimate nature or the spiritual realm. Therefore, living things are called the omnipotent forces of God Almighty. He accepts a material body or a spiritual body depending on whether he likens Himself to a material or spiritual realm. In the material realm, he can take the body of one of the 8,400,000 kinds of life, but in the spiritual realm, his body is one only. In the material realm he is sometimes manifest as a human being, god, animal, bird, etc., according to his karma. To reach the material planets called heaven and enjoy the facilities there, sometimes he does a sacrifice (yajñā), but when the reward of his deeds runs out, he returns to earth in the form of a human being. This process is called karma.

In Chandogya Upanisad, the sacrificial process in the Vedas is described. Five types of offerings are placed into five types of fire in place of sacrificing sacrifices. Five types of fire are understood as the planets of heaven, clouds, earth, men and women, and the five sacrificial sacrificial offerings are beliefs, personalities that enjoy on the moon, rain, seeds and semen.

Krishna and Jesus
In the process of sacrifice, the living creatures offer special sacrifices to reach certain heavenly planets, and thus reach the planets. When the sacrificial sacrifice is exhausted, living things descend to earth in the form of rain, then take shape as grain. The grain is eaten by a human and converted into semen, which causes a woman to become pregnant. Thus, once again the living being reaches the human form to perform the sacrificial sacrifice and repeats the same cycle in that way. This is how living things come and go forever in the material path. However, people who are aware of Krishna avoid sacred sacrifices as mentioned above. He begins to exercise Krishna's consciousness directly, and thus he prepares to return to God the Almighty.

The Bhagavad-gita interpreters who do not acknowledge God's personal form in an unreasonable way assume that Brahman takes the form of jiva in the material world, and to prove this assumption they mention Chapter Fifteen, verse seven, of the Bhagavad-gita. But in this verse Krishna also speaks of living beings as an eternal part of the spark of Myself. "The spark part of the Supreme God, the living being, may fall into the material world, but the Supreme God (Acyuta) never falls Therefore, it is conjecture that the Most Major Brahman takes the form of an unacceptable jiva.In Vedic literature, Brahman (living creature) is distinguished from Parabrahman (God Almighty) .This fact is important and must be remembered.

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